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    I'm having major problems. Before I install the " Customize 2.0 " app i was able to put what ever photo from camera roll and wallpaper picture for the wall paper picture, you know where you have to slide the slider to open your Iphone, right. In the " Customize 2.0 I go under the " Customize Tools Catergory " I tap the Customize Images/Sounds, It takes me to " Catorgories " I then tap Wallpaper, which takes me to " Wallpaper " and 2 choices come up, 1 is " LockScreenWallpaper " and the other is " Wallpaper ".
    when I tap on the " Locked " one it takes me to the "OringinalBackup" which is the picture of the Earth. Is there anyway for me to change it back to choosing the wallpaper I want. I did what I was told to do about the SSH and deleted the file on the
    " winscp " and nothing, please help.

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    2008-05-27 08:44 AM