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    I have found out how I extract files from the frameworkUI etc, but I can't seem to locate the specific files I want to change (or I dont know where they are, names etc)

    I'll try to explain in my best manners(bad english) what I am looking for.
    Below I have posted some pictures of what I am trying to change:

    I want to make the whole User interface on my iPhone transparent, so if I am opening lets say "settings" I'll get a transparent look of all the backgrounds and buttons(not the icons and symbols, just the panels and the main background in every application.
    So if I am using a wallpaper I would see that behind everything I run on the iPhone.

    Also I need to get som knowledge if I could change the default colour on the fonts(not at springboard but in the diffrent appmenus so I could use white instead of black since this is the only colour that will work with my ideas.

    I have made a simple Photoshop "preview" just to let you guys more easily understand what I am trying to achieve here.

    Any tips and help would make me happy

    This is a before and after pic I have (what I want to make it look like:

    Thank you
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    2008-05-27 04:23 PM
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    I do like the idea, I will look into it when I get a chance. Kinda like linux with transparent folders.
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    2008-05-27 06:30 PM
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    Thank you,

    it would be much appreciated if you helped me figure this out.

    2008-05-27 09:07 PM
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    Well I tried but it seems like the white is either located somewhere else or is hardcoded in the firmware. I did check out springboard.app also but no luck. Sorry, maybe someone else will have more success.
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    2008-05-28 01:45 AM