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    I've been having same annoying issue myself and will be glad to test this ssh solution and delete the lockscreenbackgroung .png file. Thanks for bringing up issue and thanks for help fixing issue as well, I really appreciate fix. Will try tonight and reply back later, thanks again though.
    Like i wrote previously, i also had this issue before and when i deleted the lockscreenbackground file everything worked fine. This happened to me personally twice, not sure why, but both times the issue is fixed by using cyberduck to browse my files and find&delete the lockscreenbackground file. I do a lot of modding/customizing my phone and these forums have been great for helping with some of these minor (although annoying) problems that i encounter--plus now with the MMiThemer app i dont have to add summerboard themes through downloading from here anymore, it is a nice new app for anyone who also enjoys this type of customization. The only nagging issue that i still have is the inability to change my carrier logo. I was able to up until recently through the use of the make-it-mine app and setting my carrier to AT&T but somewhere along the way, i believe it happened when i added the t-mobile system preferences bundle from this site which gave me my t-mobile settings but set my carrier logo to t-mobile, which is what my carrier logo is now stuck at--and can not be changed through customize 2.0 beta10. if anyone has a solution or suggestion, i would greatly appreciate it, thank you.
    2008-06-17 07:26 AM
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    thanks for the fix guys.

    I rebooted my phone so many times thinking i broke it haha
    2008-07-11 09:33 AM
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    Hey there guys . . .

    Thank you so very much for all your posts. I had the same problem and just managed to fix it too. Thanx so very much . . . (sigh)!!!

    Kind regards and keep up the FANTASTIC work guys!!! People like myself are LOST without your expertise!!!

    2008-08-29 11:29 AM
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    OMG!! It worked!!

    Thank you all so much for this - it has been driving me nuts for days!!

    Best wishes

    Lynda I had to thank you first for asking this question for me to "FINALLY" find it after 4 days,nights of beating my head against the wall wondering how to change the lockscreen wallpaper? I don't know how it got stuck in the first place nor do I care but its finally fixed!! Next iCorey19! Thanks for the great fix bro!!I know it really isn't a big deal and with everything that can go wrong jailbreak/unlocking an iphone it seems very small but was simply driving me nuts!! I was waking up in the middle of the night if I thought of soothing to try and either trying it or writing it down for morning?? now its fixed! thanks again, So glad I finally joined MMI, A lot of great fixes found here.
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    2008-08-29 03:03 PM
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