1. gorduxo's Avatar
    hi guys

    i was wondering, is there an app for os x/ win that allows you easy change the sounds...?

    like chose a sound for something and just click and its done...something like itoner...

    or is there an easy way to change does files?
    2007-11-23 12:26 AM
  2. Digital Oxygen's Avatar
    Yes there is.
    2007-11-23 12:28 AM
  3. Brookied's Avatar
    To be honest get Fugu on your mac. I got my Iphone on Tuesday and by Thursday (Today) i have hacked and been able to change most aspects of the little powerhouse,
    its so simple to do. Now i have a bunch of LCars sounds from Star Trek and the Phone sounds so funky :-)

    All changes i have applied cam from reading this forum over and over again.

    Knowledge and confidence with application go a long way
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    2007-11-23 08:35 AM