1. dwvaron's Avatar
    I have gotten summerboard onto my iphone 1.1.4 and installer and finder and iShare all in an attempt to put this mario party theme on it - ModMyI.com | iPhone forums, iPhone hacks, iPhone unlock - Downloads - Mario Party
    I have Mac OSX. can someone please help and maybe give a list of what apps I need or what I need to do
    2008-05-31 12:05 AM
  2. Estelin's Avatar
    You have to use SSH. You need to have OPEN SSH installed in your phone (go to installer list...there it's)
    1. Get the ip address of your phone (settings---wifi---open the network you are connected and get the number.
    2 Install Cyberduck (it's free) on your computer
    3 Open connection
    4 Protocol: SFTP (port 22)
    5 Server: Your IP address
    6 User: root
    7 Pass: alpine or dottie
    8 Connect
    You are inside your phone. Search the summerbord folder and inside it the theme folder, drag yours there and you are done. Close the connection and go to the summerboard icon in the screen of your phone. Open it go to theme choose the one you want and that's all. It's a long way but it's no so difficult. Pls. Be carefull and don't install your theme anywhere. Choose the correct folder. Wish you luck!!!!
    2008-05-31 02:56 PM