1. dchildaries's Avatar
    Hi everyone... I got a problem about change battery theme! I don't know which part I did wrong, but every battery theme that I install with percentage is showing more percentage than the real one. Something like the icon shows 75% but it actually only charge up to 61%. This happen with the rayman rabbit theme I install by hand, but other themes with percentage I install from customize are doing the same thing too. Is there something I did wrong? How can I fix this?! Thanks!!!!
    2008-05-31 07:10 AM
  2. timjack2's Avatar
    This is because homemaade percent chargees only have about 17 diffrent images

    so it wont go 1%,2%,3% etc.. that would need 100 diffrent images. (which no one can be bothred to do)

    So it goes 1% 20%etc... just rounding up to the nearest abailable image
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    2008-05-31 11:19 AM
  3. dchildaries's Avatar
    i know there are only 17 images... but i mean... there is a image that is 62% when the iphone is only charge to 61%, shouldn't it should the 62% instead jump to the next one 75%? Is there something I did wrong? Thanks!!
    2008-06-01 03:50 AM