1. Nosh's Avatar
    Hey peepz,
    i got i problem. I went into a starbucks. Tried to jailbreak my iTouch but..
    every time i go on the link with my itouch, safari is not crushing but on the site (which should not appear) appears a little questionmark.
    wtf? xD
    help plz
    2007-11-25 04:39 PM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    The Blue dot means that the tiff exploit on your iPhone has been fixed. You can't use jailbreakme.com without downgrading first.
    2007-11-25 04:53 PM
  3. Nosh's Avatar
    i got i iTouch.. dont know if its different for jailbreak.
    what is downgrading?
    2007-11-25 05:41 PM
  4. Broomhead's Avatar
    Well you may be right. I missed the "touch" part sorry Search around I'm sure its been covered.
    2007-11-25 05:59 PM
  5. Nosh's Avatar

    ok... got it..

    look this.. its usefull.. [ame="http://youtube.com/watch?v=F55BYCPif6E&feature=related"]YouTube - Downgrade iPod touch from 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 for OktoPrep[/ame]
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    2007-11-26 05:07 AM
  6. ohnonotme's Avatar
    yeh do that
    2007-11-26 06:28 AM
  7. Broomhead's Avatar
    2007-11-26 06:38 AM