1. EmericAn's Avatar
    If someone can make me this, you are a god. Basically take these images, I can help by photoshopping stuff out and removing other crap to make it complete, but I dont want to do the work if its not possible.

    Take this image, photoshop out this player:

    Then photoshop in Theriot sliding in:

    Now her is the big picture. Im gonna photoshop the catcher and and cubs player sliding in out of the desired pictures, shrink them down and put them in a completely different picture, and I want the slider to be the runner, and you touch him and drag him simulating him sliding in at home. Another question is, is there a way that when he is sliding, a ball is coming in at the same time into the cathers gloves but have it moving as you are sliding the player into home, and then once its hit home plate the unlock sound is "safe"

    Again this is a dream, possible?
    2008-06-04 04:56 AM
  2. dlubbat's Avatar
    lol that would be awesome
    2008-06-04 05:43 AM
  3. long10horns's Avatar
    yeah thats a great idea!
    2008-06-04 06:36 AM