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    one feature i miss on the iphone is a vibrate THEN ringtone function (instead of just vibrate AND ringtone). i had this on my first phones (panasonic, samsung) but then missed it on my previous phones (sonyericssons) as well.

    as a work around, i made a ringtone that began with 10 secs of silence, then looped the actual melody after that for 20 seconds more. (after about 30 secs the call is transferred to voicemail). so by selecting this ringtone and turning vibrate on, you get the equivalent of vibrate first THEN ringtone.

    of course, depending on your preference (or speed of picking-up), you can tweak the amount of silence at the beginning to suit your liking. 10 seconds works perfect for me, as i am able to catch the call during vibrate, rarely ever having to hear the actual ringtone at all. but if i miss the vibrate then i still have 20 secs to pick up once i hear the melody.

    i had it this way for the last 2 years with my sonyericssons and now with the iphone and it works like a charm.

    in the Downloads section of MMi, i uploaded a sample ringtone which uses the original marimba sound on the iphone.


    2007-11-28 01:09 PM
  2. Ridge's Avatar
    nice! Didnt think of doing it that way. Going to fix me up some redux tones!

    Thanks mate

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    2007-11-28 01:34 PM
  3. air2fakie's Avatar
    Thanks mate
    you're welcome.

    BTW, just discovered that you can't download the sample marimba vibrate ringtone which i uploaded to the Download section of the site since it's still in the moderation queue awaiting authentication.

    so please be patient.

    2007-11-28 05:34 PM
  4. jedinight's Avatar
    approved!ready for downloading!!
    2007-11-28 06:49 PM