1. Reconforce15's Avatar
    Just jailbroke my iPod touch and I can't install BSD Subsystem. I used iLiberty+. When I press download it says Error Package download failed!
    2008-06-10 08:06 PM
  2. doomsayer97's Avatar
    Try refreshing the sources, reboot your iPod, sync it, or download BSD 2.0 (and if that's the one you are trying to get, download BSD).
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    When all else fails, put it into restore mode!!!
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    http://modmyi.com/wiki/index.php/How...ty_or_iLbertyX Enjoy the guide.
    2008-06-10 08:22 PM
  3. Reconforce15's Avatar
    Thank you very much!

    I also used your guide on how to jailbreak so, i love you, no homo...

    What else should I install besides openssh, bosstool, and bsd subsystem?

    It's downloading but it's not going anywhere. my iPod isint frozen just that the Dowloading package... has been stuck. Can I stop the download and do it again? or do I have to wait?
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    2008-06-10 08:34 PM