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    Okay, okay, I hear all the chuckles out there, and I agree...Strawberry Shortcake, are you kidding? No, im not. Let's just say I would love to give my wife a nice strawberry shortcake theme (she had all the sheets, pillow cases, wallpaper, etc. growing up) to match her iphone colored pink by colorware. I know, pink? It was the only way she would agree to get an iphone. So, this is a theme request for all you theme making geniuses out there. I'm thinking something in the way of the wonderful Tinkerbell theme that was made awhile back by badboybill. I will include a few pics to get those theme building juices flowing. I feel a little silly requesting this, but hey, we do strange things for our ladies. THANKS!
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    I was wondering if you ever found a strawberry shortcake theme for your wife. I luv luv strawberry shortcake...i sound like your wife...lol I'm 29 and still love that cartoon
    2008-06-08 05:15 PM