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    I have the Litho theme and i love the icons background and everything. i recently modded my phone to change the status bar on top to red like this
    http://modmyi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18631 so i was wondering if someone could redo the litho background and dock in red? would look amazing

    IM me on igottheritetemp if you want
    2007-12-05 07:28 PM
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    On Windows, just download paint.net and change it yourself
    2007-12-06 05:38 AM
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    i wish i knew how to do that... is it really that easy?
    2007-12-06 06:16 AM
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    Is this what you were talking about?

    How I did this:

    Downloaded and uncompressed theme to a folder.

    Right-click Wallpaper.png and opened in Paint.Net.

    Did Ctrl-Shift-S to Save As... and saved as RedWallpaper.png.

    Did Adjustments|Hue / Saturation... to open adjustment window. Slid Hue slider around until I found red shade. Increased Saturation to make Red more visible. Fine tuned Hue with more visible Red. Hit Ctrl-S to save updated file.
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    2007-12-06 06:28 AM
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    thanks so much now i know how to recolor images
    2007-12-06 06:34 AM
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    this is what i mean
    Attached Thumbnails Theme Background request-iphonescreensho1.jpg   Theme Background request-iphonescreensho2.jpg  
    2007-12-06 07:07 AM
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    PMd, but for everyone reading

    If you use something like iPhoneBrowser, you can see that the SpringBoard.app (use Go To Location|SpringBoard Images and Settings) has a DEFAULT_CARRIER_TMOBILE.png that is black, and an FSO_CARRIER_TMOBILE.png that is white.

    SpringBoard switches which one it uses based on the applications normal status bar being white or black.

    So, copy the FSO_CARRIER_TMOBILE.png to your PC (right-click and Save File) then replace the DEFAULT_... file with it (right-click and Replace File).

    Now your carrier is always white.

    You can do something similar for the BatteryCharging or Edge files.

    Currently, I do not think anyone knows how to fix the time.

    Oh, and for those that can't Google:
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    2007-12-06 07:08 AM