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    hi and sorry for post this again but now its finished and download ready but dont be dissapointed its ao beta stage i will espacially fix the other artwork soon also i will add a new instruction. here are some screenshots have fun. in the theme are:
    -artwork files
    -app skinns
    -tweaks for real vist and much more......

    pleasegive me a feedback soon!!

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    Attached Thumbnails Vista flow blue 1-img_0001.jpg   Vista flow blue 1-img_0002.jpg   Vista flow blue 1-img_0003.jpg   Vista flow blue 1-img_0004.jpg   Vista flow blue 1-img_0006.jpg   Vista flow blue 1-img_0007.jpg   Vista flow blue 1-img_0009.jpg   Vista flow blue 1-img_0013.jpg  

    Vista flow blue 1-img_0025.jpg   Vista flow blue 1-img_0026.jpg  
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    Thanks a lot! been looking for a vista theme for a while, everyones is taken off because of microsoft.

    If you liked my post, thank me!
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    2008-10-19 03:44 AM
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    Cannot the decompressing

    Document damage ???????????
    2008-10-19 03:53 AM