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  1. Jay21fire's Avatar
    I have been looking around and seeing alot of amazing themes on this sight thanks to all the creators. I am really not that savoy doing that stuff like making icons and things. I saw some nfl themes on here like the dallas cowboys one and that was amazing.

    I have been looking high and low for a Washington redskin summerboard theme like that cowboys one and also a New Jersey Devils theme.

    I am going to do further research on how to make themes cause i don't want to bother anyone for my needs but if someone can maybe make one of those themes for me it would be amazing. pref the NJD one

    thanks to all again
    2008-06-22 06:08 PM
  2. ovechkin08's Avatar
    Hey guys, all this stuff is too complicated for me so i was wondering if someone could make me an Alexander Ovechkin Theme with icons and everything that i can download from my iphone through the ziphone installer thing. this stuff is way too complicated for me and i dont want to mess around with my phone so yea. Thanks
    2008-06-23 07:16 PM