1. iPhoneWriter's Avatar
    I am creating my first all-out skin and am trying to determine which file contains the color (code or name?) that determine the coloring for the Application Name for each icon??

    Thanks in advance for your assistance, and apologies for the NOOB question.
    - iPhoneWriter.com
    2007-08-09 01:22 AM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Hmm, interesting. So far I haven't seen it yet...

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    2007-08-09 01:25 AM
  3. iPhoneWriter's Avatar
    So are the options to "blank out" the names (so none shows) and or change the names (YouTube to BoobTube) and that's it?
    - iPhoneWriter.com
    2007-08-09 02:25 AM
  4. digitalkid56's Avatar
    Correct, BoobTube.
    2007-08-09 06:19 AM
  5. Turbo's Avatar
    when you find out, please let me know, I'm trying to create all out themes as well.
    You can find Sciphone in the Links section...
    2007-08-09 09:26 AM