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  1. ilovefootball's Avatar
    hey everyone, Some other people in this forum have made websites for their realized icons, but I have made one that I think you will find beats all of them.

    MyiPhoned - Ben Trowbridge

    I have made a large list of all of the icons we currently have, and if you click one of them, it goes to your list of chosen icons. when you have chosen the icons you want, you can click the submit button, and it will put those icons into a zip file, and you can download them.

    You can also upload icons that we don't have, and after our Administrators check those icons, they will be added to the list.

    The Web Apps, Native Apps, and Register pages are all under construction, and should be finished within the week.

    I hope you enjoy, and if you have any feedback, I have made a method of getting it to us, even if you don't have email, and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

    EDIT: I am also currently making a feature that will let you upload a picture, and it will realize it for you.
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    2008-07-09 07:14 PM
  2. collins3355's Avatar
    nice, looks good!
    2008-07-09 07:21 PM
  3. aspirine's Avatar
    Hi everyone !
    There is 2 nice icons,
    i founded (credits goes to the unknown creator...)

    Enjoy !
    No spam!!!!!!
    2008-07-10 12:28 AM
  4. pimpsc00by's Avatar
    could someone do EXCUSES and STREETFLOW?
    2008-07-24 08:55 PM
  5. The Spirit's Avatar
    give me the icons and ill do it for you
    2008-07-25 06:07 AM
  6. pimpsc00by's Avatar
    2008-07-25 01:56 PM
  7. astoriakidd's Avatar
    The Spirit for MOD!!!!
    2008-07-27 04:58 AM
  8. The Spirit's Avatar
    sorry for the late reply

    here you go

    2008-07-29 09:09 PM
  9. Niner1000RR's Avatar
    Will these ever be in Cydia? I haven't figured out the whole manual install yet...
    2008-08-01 03:26 AM
  10. Adriankenny's Avatar
    Can someone post original music and videos icons, if there's wasn't any can someone make some please?
    2008-08-01 04:17 AM
  11. The Spirit's Avatar
    here is the original downloadlink from mmi
    inside the zip, you will find the icons requested
    2008-08-02 09:07 AM
  12. Bones's Avatar
    Now that Winterboard has been released, I'd really like some new Realized icons:

    1. MxTube from attached YouTube
    2. Revised Mobile News with just the AP logo vs hat
    3. Something creative with SportsTap and Jot
    Attached Images Realize Icons "Everything I've collected"-mobilenews.png Realize Icons "Everything I've collected"-sportstap.png Realize Icons "Everything I've collected"-jott.png Realize Icons "Everything I've collected"-youtube2.png 
    2008-08-04 03:29 PM
  13. The Spirit's Avatar
    here you go.
    i just played around a little bit with background colours

    2008-08-04 07:56 PM
  14. pimpsc00by's Avatar
    is there a Trism icon... this is for 1.1.4
    2008-08-05 06:31 PM
  15. Colorado Steve's Avatar
    @ The Spirit
    Could you please Realize this for me please

    Im using Photoshop Elements, but I seem to not be able to extract the bottom part of the icon. My icons do not look "button like." I do have the Realize.psd. Anyways thanks in advance.
    2008-08-06 05:19 AM
  16. The Spirit's Avatar

    this is from my page realized icons

    @ colorado steve

    here you go

    Last edited by The Spirit; 2008-08-06 at 09:08 PM.
    2008-08-06 09:11 AM
  17. Colorado Steve's Avatar
    Can you do one more please?

    2008-08-07 04:31 AM
  18. The Spirit's Avatar
    no problem. here you go

    2008-08-07 06:20 PM
  19. kwheaties's Avatar
    Wow, this is great stuff. Is there anywhere I can find a lot more of these icons for the current apps (i.e. Super Monkey Ball, de Blob, Tap Tap Revenge, Pocketpedia, etc)?
    2008-08-07 07:42 PM
  20. The Spirit's Avatar
    go through the post or look at my website.
    if you need a special one, post the original icon, and i will realize it for you
    2008-08-07 09:53 PM
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