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    Ok, so i recently jailbroken and activate my iphone with iLibertyx for OSX. i had it load cydia + BSD subsystems, Bigboss Recommended app pack, Crashx recommended app pack, and OpenSSH. I have also downloaded AFPd so i can remotely connect to Finder on my Mac and i have Customize and summerboard. I have also downloaded cyberduck and Transmit on my mac.

    The problem is this... every guide/tutorial always says to go into the var>> root>> library>> customize and then select the folder you would like to customize....

    well every time i search my iPhone, there is no "customize" folder and i cannot find anywhere to load my battery images/ carrier logos/ bars/ etc.

    PLEASE if someone is hacking on their mac, can you plase pm me or post what works for you.. do i need to download another app on my phone?

    Any help would be awesome.. thank you
    2008-06-25 06:15 PM