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    Hey guys... I made this for personal use but after looking through the threads i saw that a lot of people are looking for a good LCARS theme... idk if anyone will like it but it works

    I pretty much just made a wallpaper and have a bunch of transparent icons to put in place. (i.e. it says "Phone" in the first icon space so that would mean you use customize to arrange your springboard so that the phone is the first in the list.)

    PS: the dock should be set to display no icons. The blank space in the middle is where the calander should be placed. I cant provide a screenshot right now because i got a new phone so i still have to unlock it and stuff but if you want to see what it will look like, downlaod the zip file and just preview the Wallpaper.png. that will be how your phone will look after a successful installation. (minus the status bar)

    Let me know what you guys think? If i get good feedback, ill make revisions.

    ALSO: if anyone decides to use it you can make whatever mods to it you want and if you use it could you please post a screenshot of it in action here? Thanks.
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    2007-12-10 09:13 PM
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    This is what I have been looking for!! Thanks for that! I will install tonight and let you know what I think. I will also post a screen shot.
    2007-12-10 09:23 PM
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    Excellent! Hopefully you like it. Thanks!
    2007-12-10 09:28 PM