1. phifer8390's Avatar
    question... can there be an easy to find (front page) 3G section on Cydia... or maybe I don't see the designation; whether the app on 3G or 2G. Don't want DL something that doesn't work
    I was reading on another page that Cydia sees what phone/firmware you are running and only shows compatable programs so you cannot install something that does not work!
    iPhone 3g 8GB; iPhone 3GS 32GB
    2008-07-22 05:28 PM
  2. ericidle's Avatar
    I'm amazed at the requests for installer, that app is so basic and buggy and poorly developed granted was simple to use and it had lots of support built up over the years but people please realise these programs will not run on iPhone 2.0 firmware so getting installer on your 2.0 phone will not allow you to use them either.

    When and if installer is released to work with 2.0 and there is no target date given for that, it might be a level playing field for a proper installer v cydia discussion however at the moment Cydia is the only install application for 2.0 firmware and will be hosting more app's as the days go by. This will give it a head start on Installer becuse of the efforts put in by Saurik please join me in thanking him!!!.

    If you think Cydia is ugly thats because it lets you see whas going on under the hood, something installer never did. Now this is probably dangerous for some so perhaps Saurik could release a version for people who like it simple.

    Other than that point I'm a cydia fan already
    Eric's iPhone 4 4.01 offically unlocked
    2008-07-22 06:22 PM
  3. tha_rat's Avatar
    Hi there ...
    I like Cydia it's pretty cool and thanx to the dev team for providing us with this option ...
    I see no real difference with Installer so it's all the same to me ...
    It does seem more stable though ...
    3 things I'm missing right now are :
    - The name ... (Installer sounded much better than Cydia I must agree)
    - The "Recently added" section (It can be painful to just look for new apps by just browsing again and again the same old apps u're not interested in)
    - and finally like everyone else I''m missing the tons of apps that used to be available on Installer for free ... We can't blame anyone but the developers for that, or can we even ... The dev ream did their parts ...

    So thanx overall
    thanx a lot
    2008-07-22 06:28 PM
  4. vertu's Avatar
    I think what some people still don't understand is that even if installer was available, there still wouldn't be any apps for it which would work in 2.0. It doesn't matter whether it's Cydia or Installer, we have to wait for the apps. I'd bet within a week we'll see the majority of the old apps ported over. In the meantime just relax and get used to some of the other new features in 2.0
    2008-07-22 06:44 PM
  5. exclamation's Avatar
    Who think Cydia and Installer should just merge? Because to me it's pretty ridiculous to have two different ways to install third party apps and have people choose sides. If they merge it would just be great. Anyone agree?
    2008-07-22 06:45 PM
  6. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Heh, they can't merge - they are two COMPLETELY different methods of package management.

    For those of you missing "Recent Packages" - Cydia's "Changes" is the same concept.
    2008-07-22 07:16 PM
  7. bschucher's Avatar
    Cydia is gay.
    Another 6 year old using his parents computer... How nice.
    2008-07-22 08:14 PM
  8. swissrope's Avatar
    anyone an idea how to kill off the type-correction system on 2.0? As I type in dialect (swiss bernese german - yes sorry havent learned english in USA...), this is a very bad thing for me..
    2008-07-22 08:23 PM
  9. basketballguy743's Avatar
    lol @ merge idea :P
    haha cydia is freaking awesome just wait for the apps to come
    2008-07-22 08:25 PM
  10. manny0's Avatar
    I don't understand why everyone hates cydia so much... I mean maybe because im not a programmer or something but it looks pretty neat. And I'm looking forward to what the devs do with it. And please make Last.fm a priority
    2008-07-22 08:27 PM
  11. bhz1's Avatar
    For those resistant to Cydia, perhaps more reading what the developers have to say and less whining about changes would be beneficial.

    For heaven's sake, that is how one learns and graduates from "noobdom". I am not a developer just an unlikely avid hobbiest.

    Seriously, if a 40 - something woman like me who has spent the last 19 years raising 3 kids (and playing with PC's, cars and tech gadgets) can figure this stuff out, those of you raised in the electronics age should be able to as well.

    I started out modding Motorola Razrs about 2 years ago by chance when I purchased an unlocked V3i on e-bay before Cingular released it in the US. In the search for getting my phone to work on Cingular's Medianet, I recall being in awe over all the stuff one could do with their phone. I even got into making my own custom monsterpacks, hex editing to add or remove features and all, fonts and skins. My 14 year old uses that phone now and has the coolest skin and features of anyone he knows. I gave my 17 year old a customized V3xx as a Christmas gift. Modding an iPhone is SOOOOOO easy relative to splitting the flash, flex, language pack, etc... on a Moto. In fact I studied MMi and other iPhone forums for weeks before buying my iPhone. I wanted to make sure i could mod it! On board with an iPhone since last Sept, jailbroken since 1.1.1 firmware I read and learned. When I did my original 1.1.3 jailbreak, I manually modded all the apps that did not work and got them functional, including old Customize which at that time was a problem for so many. I either found it here, on the greater internet via Google or pieced together stuff i read and applied the concepts to a different app. Ive made my own custom boot and restore logos for winPwn and made them for others.

    I digress. I make a point of lurking on forums and seeing who the experts are, and I read what they write and I follow what they say. Its one reason I even clicked on this thread.

    My belief is that people hastily buy something they cannot use in its stock form and understandably want solutions. They make poor decisions in attempting to do a jailbreak and or unlock at a bad time. The day before one is leaving on a trip is NOT the time to mod your phone. OMG, I want to try the 2.0 firmware too but first off I'm on Windows and am leery of using someone else's custom ipsw file. Second I'm going away this weekend and dont want to screw up my phone . Next week is another story

    Stop whining about Cydia. The apps are all there, it is just that if you are running 2.0 they don't show up because they are not yet compatible with your firmware. They wouldn't be with Installer either!!!!! Once the devs get the firmware ported to 2.0 they will be in Cydia.

    Look, I thought I messed up my phone the first time I installed Cydia, but i probably did not install it optimally. I laready was running a fully modded phone and installed it from installer. Yeah, it crashed my phone. I simply restored to stock in iTunes and followed a guide written by someone who knew BETTER than I did. I did a fresh jailbreak and installed Cydia before installing anything else. then I followed instructions that told me NOT TO INSTALL BSD Subsystem as it would overwrite the stable version installed by Cydia. Instead I installed the FAKE BSD Subsystem for the one or two apps that wanted it.

    Stop whining and start learning. Installer will become available as well eventually and it does have its place. Until then, either live with Cydia or stay at 1.1.4.

    End of rant.
    2008-07-22 08:35 PM
    holy moly, what a bunch of children, arguing over which GI Joe is better, Duke or Snake Eyes. it's a pointless arguement, since we dont even HAVE a Duke action figure right now, and all of Snake Eyes' little accessories, guns and stuff, have been hidden by the class bully, little stevie jobs. just chill, everyone's out looking for Snake Eyes' big automatic weapons, and frankly maybe someone will find that Duke figure as well, who knows. point is, given the situation, i can't believe anyone's wasting energy bickering about Duke vs. Snake Eyes, since they're totally both the good guys. ....
    2008-07-22 08:46 PM
  13. basketballguy743's Avatar
    dude i first modded a moto razr also :P
    then my psp,
    now my itouch
    2008-07-22 08:46 PM
  14. Karephre's Avatar
    Well Put
    2008-07-22 08:53 PM
  15. cidkid83's Avatar
    New update of Cydia (/cydia_1.0.2488-20_iphoneos-arm.deb) just froze my iphone. Circle keeps spinning and says "Complete", "PLEASE RESTART CYDIA AFTER INSTALL!". Hold down power and still won't go off. What's up with that!!!!

    New update of Cydia (/cydia_1.0.2488-20_iphoneos-arm.deb) just froze my iphone. Circle keeps spinning and says "Complete", "PLEASE RESTART CYDIA AFTER INSTALL!". Hold down power and still won't go off. What's up with that!!!!
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    2008-07-22 09:01 PM
  16. mikey08's Avatar
    Yea I am having a lot of problems with cydia and I mean a lot!!! Every time I install or uninstall something it freezes my phone, or the circle thing goes on forever!!! I installed Iphone/Java and It will not uninstall it keeps giving me like 12 errors... And it tells me I need to update Link indenty editor,, and again it wont let me it just gives me errors. So far all you who think it is more stable then installer guess again, I never had this many problems w/ installer... and i usually am not the person that likes things really simple, but this is ridiculous I never had to update stupid stuff so much w/ installer.. and if i did then it actually worked not gave me errors or froze every time!
    2008-07-22 09:13 PM
  17. drtimal's Avatar
    No problems with Cydia so far except; the lack of Big Boss services, and summerboard. I really miss having my blue background instead of the black. Thank you for all the dev team's work. We appreciate it !
    2008-07-22 09:36 PM
  18. vicdev's Avatar
    It was a battle. There was sufficient bloodshed. Friends were lost during the scuffle but eventually, the sun rose over the horizon and in it's wake appeared an old iphone, based in windows, pwnage like the new kids on the block. With respect to those who lost life and limb in this agonizing process, I would like to thank the iPhone Dev team, I would like to thank those representing modmyi.com, I would like to thank those who found the avenue of pwnage through pre-created mac pwnages that allowed for such a feat, I would like to thank the numerous guides and archives that now also find a home on my pc, and I would like to thank all of you who helped in any fashion for form to this victory for us, the minority. Thank you.
    2008-07-22 09:50 PM
  19. mikey08's Avatar
    And on top of everything else... It takes forever to uninstall something in cydia... I mean come on it should not take longer to uninstall then it did to install.
    2008-07-22 10:03 PM
  20. bisaballer12's Avatar
    Yes, seriously I hope Nullriver updates Installer.app soon! This is the only thing that is keeping me from Jailbreaking right now. I've never been a fan of Cydia it always seemed to not work as well as Installer.app and yea I think we all know the 1.1.4 apps aren't going to run. I mean I know it pretty much has all the same sources and apps as Installer but not a fan. Another thing is Cydia has a pretty horrible UI compared to Installer.app.

    Boo to Cydia haha.
    This man speaks the truth, my exact thoughts
    2008-07-22 10:26 PM
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