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  1. lvmybbybrdz's Avatar
    I just tried to install a new keyboard that was in my recent packages file, to my iphone. I had to uninstall the Chromium keyboard that was on there, otherwise they looked overlapped. Anyway. I did that and now I have no keyboard. I tried installing any of the available keyboards to my iphone, but it always gives me the same error message, "common.artwork.backup. Aborting. You may be out of disk space". I know I'm not outta disk space, so I have no clue. I've tried several of the keyboards, but all give me this error message.

    I was told to install some backup keyboard and I did that, then the member said to do this thru SSH....unfortunately, I'm not very iPhone savvy, so I don't don't what SSH is.

    Can anyone help me? Please. I can't text or anything right now and it's making me CRAZY! =) haha

    2008-06-26 09:04 PM
  2. defmute's Avatar
    Send me the phone and I will fix it....then sell it. But you don't need to worry yourself about that last part.
    2008-07-01 10:12 PM