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    Hey guys, this is a tutorial in how to pimp ZUNDA.

    1.- Download Files (Wallpaper.png and Grass Dock.zip)
    -Open Grass Dock.psd with Photoshop.
    - Now you will notice the order is Music, Video, Photos and Phone (That is the order of my dock)
    - What you have to do is put your order of your dock. Exemple:
    Phone, Mail, Safari, iPod.
    - if thats your order you have to find the phone icon on the Zunda theme (Use SSH to find it) and do it all over for Mail, Safari and iPod.
    - Now when your done replace it with the old dock at the SummerBoard folder, and also replace Wallpaper (var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Zunda)
    - Last thing, youll notice that the icons on your springboard are covering the Grass, to fix that SSH into your iPhone or iPod and go to the Zunda folder, Inside the Icons folder look for the icon called Blank, copy that to your desktop and rename the as Phone, Mail, Safari and iPod (it depends on your dock order) and dont forget to hide the dock labels at smbprefs!!
    Thanks!! heres how its going to look like:
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    2008-07-04 07:43 AM
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    Very cool =D
    Here's the PSD you created, with both iPhone and iPod icons in separate folders for easy customization.
    I've also included the modded files for the iPhone. Just copy each file to it's respective folder. =D
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    2008-07-04 09:02 AM
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    Thanks for the help
    2008-07-04 09:24 AM