1. fveilani's Avatar
    I have googled this and looked everywhere but still havent found a way to add custom ringtones from my computer to my iphone 1.1.1 (unlocked and jailbroken), can someone please help me? many thanks in advance!!!
    2007-12-22 09:52 AM
  2. ajl917's Avatar
    Get the desired ringtone into mp3 form, import it, convert it to AAC format, then use iDemocracy2. It works great with 1.1.1
    2007-12-22 05:08 PM
  3. iphonemakeup's Avatar
    It's simple to add ringtones to iP 1.1.1, use soft iPhoneringtonesmaker version 1.4.0. if you can not find it i will post up here.
    2007-12-22 06:17 PM
  4. DirtyDan's Avatar
    Use this program, iToner for mac. Or use iDemocracy2 for Windows.


    I can't take credit for finding this program. Broomhead suggested it in another thread, but I thought it would be useful here as well.
    2007-12-22 06:20 PM
  5. fveilani's Avatar
    thank yall, where do i get idemocracy from? i got windows by the way, and how is itoner work? thanks again!!
    2007-12-25 07:57 PM
  6. ajl917's Avatar
    Check the big thread in the news forum, it should be up towards the top...
    2007-12-26 12:06 AM
  7. 86marley's Avatar
    2007-12-29 12:36 AM
  8. powerdbygarrett's Avatar
    can i use iDemocracy2 with an unlocked 1.1.1?
    2007-12-29 09:35 PM
  9. brathamike's Avatar
    is there a way to sftp the ring tones to the iphone instead of using a program?
    2007-12-30 09:16 PM
  10. slick2404's Avatar
    Important Notices - Please Read!
    Please DO NOT use this software on an unlocked iPhone!! If your iPhone is unlocked for non-AT&T SIM cards, iTunes will very likely brick it during the upgrade/downgrade process. Virginize it first with any solution out there (or with iDemocracy 2, if you're on or have managed to get to 1.0.2).

    I saw that on the idemocracy google code page....im scrared to try it
    2007-12-31 06:16 AM
  11. fveilani's Avatar
    i still havent got any ringtones on my iphone !! ;-( can someone provide a detailed instruction on how to do this!??? please im a noobie
    2008-01-02 11:35 AM
  12. muccaeppollo's Avatar
    Hi guys,
    this problem was solved on oct 28th.

    Have a look at this post :


    it does work perfectly
    2008-01-03 06:31 PM
  13. phungy's Avatar
    2008-01-13 04:37 AM
  14. xicemanx's Avatar
    how come no sound comes out? after i upload m4r files using itoner nothing comes out
    2008-01-13 06:21 PM