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    i'm looking for a new set of icons. I don't like the square icons. Don't like round icons. Nothing of a set shape. Don't like specific "themes" in icons...for instance the edison retro style or whatever its called...they are nice icons but not my style. I want something that is good quality hi-res icons of a camera, a calendar, a clock, settings, etc....

    just good looking standard icons like i'd find on a treo or a symbian phone. the best i've seen so far are the icons used in the tiger basic theme...but i can't find anywhere to download that theme other than installer...which is great if i want to use that theme...but i only want the icons. i'm using a different dock.

    can someone help? eventually i'll end up making my own at some point, but to be completely honest....its a busy month and right now i feel like being one lazy *** s.o.b.

    so if someone has some sweet icons they would like to share that would be awesome.

    oh...and i don't want anything that doesn't include atleast a good chunk of the third party app icons. i don't mind adding in a few of my own to make it all go together...but i don't really want to sit around making 40 icons to cover all the extra junk i have on my phone.
    2007-12-22 12:25 PM