1. DJJONES's Avatar
    SO I HAVE MODDED MY IPHONE I LOVE IT ITS AMAZING ALL THE EXTRA NEW FEATURES BUT IF APPLE DOES COME OUT WITH THERE OWN APPS I WANNA BE ABLE TO USE THEM OR IF THERE IS A different update that may have some needed features i want to be able to update my iphone. i have firmware 1.0.2. can i restore my iphone back to 1.0.2 with out bricking it? my phone is not unlocked. since i have all these other apps and stuff does that consider my phone jailbreak? or jailbroken lol thanks for the help
    2007-12-23 02:02 AM
  2. B1naryBand1t's Avatar
    As Far as i know, which is very little as long as you haven't unlocked the phone and just jailbroke it a simple restore will return it to normal operations. Well thats what im hoping to do with my 1.1.2 if apple pull their finger out and drop some very strongly need apps on this thing. Until then im not even contemplating an update as i have my pod just where it needs to be right now

    Don't go doing anything until someone verifies the above 100%, last thing you need is a nice thin black brick
    2007-12-29 02:51 PM
  3. DoerrFan's Avatar
    Yeah restore and your back to factory state and update away but if you want the apps wait until its jailbroken.
    2007-12-29 03:25 PM