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    Here's a PREVIEW shot of a new (and my first) theme I'm making. Icons grabbed from whole bunch of places, resized, cleared up and edited slightly, rest is me. Will add more icons (not many as of now).

    I want to do a matching battery, keyboard, calculator. but I need the source images! Someone please send me. My iPhone won't be here for a few more days.

    Question: What's the font/size of the application name text? Can you disable app. text name and leave it as just icons?

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    2007-12-23 11:34 PM
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    My initial thought is that angle is hard to view properly and you should just post a normal screengrab.
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    2007-12-23 11:37 PM
  3. armadillo's Avatar
    I so agree. This PS template is useless IMHO. But there is a better one posted. So folks use that one, since this is not cutting it. We know what the iPhone looks like, we want to see what the icons look like.
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    2007-12-24 01:44 AM
  4. likkuid's Avatar
    Screens & dialer added
    2007-12-24 03:41 AM
  5. Reako's Avatar
    I like it. Please post when its finished! I think the Dialer should have a light blue LCD screen without the background lettering also. Maybe an option? Awesome work though.

    2007-12-24 03:51 AM
  6. mzkaye729's Avatar
    Very nice! Any chance of making a red one for us ladies? I love both theme and dialer pad!
    2007-12-24 04:44 AM
  7. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Dialer is very nice!

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    2007-12-24 04:57 AM
  8. jermoo's Avatar
    is there a source for this bad boy
    wanna get it on mine
    2007-12-24 06:41 AM
  9. jayc7176's Avatar
    Awsom looking Dialer!!! nice job overall...
    2007-12-24 09:01 AM
  10. longgiang81's Avatar
    Dialler very nice. Great job
    2007-12-24 11:22 AM
  11. psychonikeo's Avatar
    I like it a lot! Will you also support 3rd party apps??
    2007-12-24 01:44 PM
  12. likkuid's Avatar
    - Yeh I can make diff colors. (Red).
    - Yeh I'm making more icons there's just random ones on right now. I just did what I could yesterday.
    - Without lettering sure I'll give that option in dialer.

    Keep comments coming if you want diff stuff.
    2007-12-24 05:15 PM
  13. Reako's Avatar
    What else do you need so you can post this bad boy up?

    2007-12-25 04:29 AM
  14. likkuid's Avatar
    I need the "Helvetica" font. That's the default font on iPhone; I need it for the keyboard. Anddd if it's too difficult for myself, someone to code the theme. I'm not sure how much installation entails, but my coding skills..or lack there of, may be a problem!

    i just noticed the bottom lil bit of the first screen image is cut off - it wont be like that in final, just a mistake when cropping.
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    2007-12-25 08:03 PM
  15. psychonikeo's Avatar
    ok.. helvetica shouldn't be to hard to find right? Else just pm me and I make sure you get it. Also for help coding, I'm willing to help, but it's not that hard. Just make sure the names are right
    2007-12-25 08:25 PM
  16. Reako's Avatar
    I have the font...
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    2007-12-25 10:05 PM
  17. likkuid's Avatar
    hm thanks reako. unfortunately it won't install, it says it's not a valid font file.

    edit: psychonikeo sent me working one, thanks!!
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    2007-12-25 11:55 PM
  18. bibyfok's Avatar
    Release it ! I Can t wait !!!
    2007-12-26 01:45 AM
  19. ChrisAyad's Avatar
    that background looks kinda floofy
    are those the only icons you did it for?
    nice dialer
    2007-12-26 08:11 AM
  20. Sam0r's Avatar
    Nice one! Hope to see a release soon...
    2007-12-26 11:51 PM
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