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  1. imgMOD's Avatar
    I have the first generation iPhone and today is July 11, the day that 2.0 update comes out right?
    Well my iTunes is not detecting the update when I click Check for Update.

    It just comes up with a msgbox that says 1.1.4 is the current version or whatever? What do I do?
    2008-07-11 09:16 PM
  2. andygev35's Avatar
    have you updated to iTunes 7.7?
    2008-07-11 09:21 PM
  3. imgMOD's Avatar
    Possibly not. I suppose that just came out as well?
    2008-07-11 09:25 PM
  4. andygev35's Avatar
    was actually released on the apple website yesterday I think...

    I wasn't able to update from within iTunes, had to do a fresh install of the new version (7.7). If you do this as well, be sure to backup your iPhone, import all of your media files into the new version before you update your iphone's firmware or you'll lose everything.
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    2008-07-11 09:32 PM
  5. imgMOD's Avatar
    Well, that took up about 30 minutes, but it didn't really do anything. Still getting the same problem.


    2008-07-11 09:56 PM
  6. andygev35's Avatar
    if it still isnt showing an update available for the firmware, the apple's update servers may be overloaded since its just about quittin time and everyone's trying to update their Gen1 iPhone. Someone has probably already posted the new .ispw file on here, try doing a search for it.
    2008-07-11 10:11 PM
  7. imgMOD's Avatar
    Okay yeah, your probably right. Good thinking.
    2008-07-11 10:12 PM
  8. andygev35's Avatar
    EDIT: .ipsw file.... I must b going dyslexic.... ;-)
    2008-07-11 10:15 PM

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