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    Hi all, i've been on the forum for hrs looking and trying various methods and i now come asking for help...
    i installed the BUFF2 calc skin, dialer, and sliders. (didn't think to make backups!)
    the sliders never showed up, the dialer gave me a blank screen but the calc looked great. nevertheless i uninstalled them all. now i can't re install any of them w/o getting an error from cydia- source error subprocess pre-installation script =1
    - i do not use customize though i've dl'd it to try to fix the issue

    So fine, i thought i'd ssh the .png files that were missing (bottombargrey,red, green etc) back to the phone ...\framework\telephonyUI and my sliders are still MIA. Also tried putting the png's in main sliders folder for customize... no luck.

    lastly, i sucessfully got the lcdbackground.png and calculator.png in to the file but when i open from sb i get a screen w/ the big A applications logo and then after a 5 sec delay it loads the calc backgound. Wierd right? my theory is its related some how to categories but i dont' know enough about the file setups to know how to fix!!!!

    so questions include: how do i get my sliders back, how do i stop the big A from popping up, and thank god blue digital dialer was still on my phone b/c dialer is working but how can i safely revert to defaults?
    PLEASE HELP lots of thanks will be lavished up thee!
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