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    ok so i tried downgrading from 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 and i was in the process of the restoring and it kept saying that itunes was incountering problems so i tried with ibricker and it said that it should take a few mins if no restart and go back to the main screen... so i waited almost half an hour and tried to restart my phone and ibricker and now all the phone is doing is just running through all these menus likes it trying to update somnething and it wont let me do anything...helpppp please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    all its doing is it keeps just running this black and white screen then restarting itself...
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    2007-12-29 10:37 AM
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    Try putting iphone in restore mode and restore in itunes after you reboot your pc. Worked for me in the past
    2007-12-29 11:35 AM