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    Hey guys,
    I have added a new skins system for the upcoming version (0.30 something) of Garf. This new one will allow you to package your skins and distribute them via Installer. It will also allow you control of where the buttons are on the screen. You can also customize the pitch of the button sound.

    I have uploaded the sneak preview ("sneak"=buggy) for the new version of Garf to this bulletin board...the link is at the bottom of the page. If you want to start developing skins for Garf, you can use this version to test out button locations, etc.

    Also at the bottom of the page is the download for a sample skins package I threw together (it ain't pretty, but I'm no graphics guy). To install it, you just need to unzip it and place the folder called "Cartoon" in the following directory:

    If you want to make your own skin, for example, one with a carved up Apple logo, you would add the following directory:
    (Watch out for lawyers with that one...)

    Garf will automatically scan this folder for subfolders that contain a file called "skins.cfg". You can edit this file with a text-editor...it is how you specify the location of the buttons, etc. If Garf finds a skin pack, then it will add it to the Garf settings menu.

    Please post any suggestions/bugs...

    Update: I've put up Garf 0.32 on SourceForge, and it will probably be on this Installer repository soon. Possibly 2 sets of skins as well.
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    2007-12-31 04:29 PM
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    Kool! great job, thanx
    They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be.
    They only lack the light to show the way.
    For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you... my only son.
    2008-01-01 04:53 AM
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    hi i just posted on sourceforge that 0.32 doesn`t work on my 1.0.2 phone. it loads than goes back to the homescreen. all previous versions worked. all the permissions are right. i installed with installer first then manually to be sure. i hope it`s just a bug, it`s really a great game. thanx
    2008-01-04 12:12 AM
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    I suspect that 1.0.2 firmware isn't compatible with the newest Garf. If you want to get a specific error message, I suggest running the program from the Terminal program:

    $ cd /Applications/Garf.app
    $ ./garf

    You can tell why it crashed from reading the text output...
    If the problem is with the new theme system, then your best bet is to either 1) update your firmware, or if that's impossible, then 2) download Garf v0.25 from SourceForge project website and copy the executable into the application directory.
    Hope this helps,
    2008-01-04 08:51 AM
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    this is what it said when ran from command line:

    dyld: Symbol not found: .objc_class_name_NSD
    Referenced from: /Applications/Garf.app/./
    Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/Foundation.framework/Foundation

    zsh: trace trap ./garf
    # ./garf

    did you have a beta 0.32 version i may have installed before? because i overwrote the garf file from the 1 i had backed up and the version says 0.32 but there is option for skins.
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    2008-01-04 06:57 PM
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    There was an unofficial 0.30 release, but it was virtually identical to the 0.32. If you copy over the garf file, the version number will still say 0.32 because the version number is in a different file. If you copy something before 0.30, you shouldn't see a theme option.

    The NSDecimalNumber class must not be in 1.02...this is how Garf stores the previously used theme values so that the theme starts up immediately next time...

    Why are so many people still on 1.02?
    2008-01-05 01:16 AM
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