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    hey guys,

    I tried to make my own dialer and I need some help.

    In the picture below u can see how far I am... but what I want to do is, to add transparent delete/ add contact/ call buttons.
    I want the blue bar at the top transparent aswell.

    I tried to get this done, but it doesn't work.
    I attached the original image in case u want to make this dialer for me real quick.

    It would be nice if somebody could help me out.

    Attached Thumbnails I need help with my dialer-untitled.jpg   I need help with my dialer-img_0002.jpg  
    2008-07-16 01:00 PM
  2. opusandbill's Avatar
    I can try and walk you through it.

    The problem with the bar where the numbers show up is the the png for it is only 8 pixels (width) x 128 pixels (h).
    this png gets strected. (This png is located in the MobilePhonePackedImages.artwork file)

    I made mine transparent and all I got was a white background.

    the bottom 3 buttons are little more complicated.

    here is a photo of the keypad I made.

    this what the top bar looks like.

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    2008-07-16 05:50 PM