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    Could someone please help me? I have a 1.1.1 iPhone. Read about this customized wallpaper at http://ifoundyouriphone.com. Was just trying and synced the wallpaper to my phone's photos. It showed up (just as a plain image I uploaded to the website, w/o the words that were supposed to be there) I selected that image as wallpaper, and it didn't show up as wallpaper. My big battery/time/slider are basically floating on a black background =.='' So I deleted that image in my laptop and re-synced with my phone, and went to settings and selected one of the original iphone wallpapers. It doesn't work!! It's gone!! I tried reboot my phone, tried setting everything back to default (eg: my theme). It still doesn't work :'(

    I miss my 'rose' wallpaper... Want it back~ Anyone has any idea what had happened? Would be really grateful if this can be fixed~~~~~
    2008-01-04 08:04 AM