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    Okay so i want my iPhone icons to look stock as i stated. I want my iPhone to look like it does on the box when you first turn it on.

    Right now i have this order:
    1. SMS
    2. Calendar
    3. Pictures
    4. Camera
    5. YouTube
    6. Launcher (Instead of stocks)
    7. Google Maps
    8. Weather
    9. Clock
    10. Calculator
    11. Notes
    12. Settings
    13. *Blank
    14. *Blank
    15. *Blank
    16. iTunes Store

    I want to replace the Launcher icon with stocks and then just use the scroll like you can if you have more than 16 icons. But i want those three empty spaces and i want the iTunes store icon to stay alligned to the right.

    Is this possible?

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