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    Hello all. I have used Videora iPhone Converter to convert a movie that is in .avi format. It converted, loaded into iTunes, and sync'd to the iPhone successfully. BUT when I play it back on the iPhone the video is crisp and clear BUT the audio is scrambled and cannot be heard or understood. I have tried every different profile in Videora along with different bit rates, freq's, channels and NOTHING worked. Any Suggestions??

    I have the same problem with Aimersoft Video to iPhone Converter BUT when I convert and ISO with HandBrake everything is perfect.

    Also can i convert the .avi movie file into an ISO so I can use HandBrake instead?

    Thanks for the help!!!

    edit: I also uninstalled and reinstalled and that also didn't work!!
    2007-08-14 09:25 AM
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    anybody? Thanks
    2007-08-16 07:03 PM