1. andrew-bell's Avatar
    Most of the guides are crap on here, they not explained properly.

    Where do I download ziphone ibrikr fix from installer.app? I have as many sources as possible and it is still not showing up!
    2008-04-22 03:09 PM
  2. iRob3rt's Avatar
    Does anyone know what the charging screen wallpaper is named, and what directory can I find it under... Ive tried replacing nearly every PNG under core services
    2008-04-25 01:51 AM
  3. abhayms's Avatar
    thanks for the great guide. But i could not put it to use.
    I installed the "Customize 2" application. But i cant find the customize folder in the path mentioned by you.

    For me the path is "Var>>Mobile>>Library>>Customize2"
    Now in this folder i need to enter the "Original Backup" folder to find the Battery Folder.

    I tried creating a new folder at this point and added the new battery images. But it was of no use. Customize2 applicatio did not recognize these new files

    Can you Plz help me??

    Thanks a lot for the help !!!
    2008-05-15 02:37 PM
  4. Astrana's Avatar
    customize from installer wont work on my 1.1.4 it closes automatically after the spicy chicken picture
    so i found a video
    [ame=http://youtube.com/watch?v=P4gTT1dQNLA]YouTube - Iphone 1.1.4 Customize Working FIX NEW[/ame]
    I used this guy's method and now i can enter customize. except all the battery and slider image would not show in customize.
    And I followed the guide, when i got to roots/lib I do not have the customize folder in it.
    Halp plz

    2008-05-21 06:57 AM
  5. boxster1818's Avatar
    I have customize installed...I have IphoneBrowser working no problem. the probelm is when i go var/root/library customize is no where to be found! Please help!
    2008-05-21 06:24 PM
  6. aqhark's Avatar
    why i dont have a customize folder?
    can u help me guys?
    2008-05-22 08:57 AM
  7. yup yup's Avatar
    Same problem here. I use the correct path but I have no customize folder. Has anyone found a fix?
    2008-05-26 05:35 AM
  8. escobar929's Avatar
    i had the same problem, so i downloaded the modded customize and there was still no folder there, so i created one and it worked

    where can i get more battery themes? most links i found on this website are dead
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    2008-05-29 02:13 AM
  9. matt1010's Avatar
    i am doing everything u said ..var/root/customize/batteryimages... i DO NOT see 'batteryimages' ..i seen 'badgeimages' ..how come?
    2008-05-30 10:55 PM
  10. kptn82's Avatar
    You dont need to upload it to that folder var/root/customize

    Use Cyberduck or any other SFTP software, and just drop your battery images files to

    This will work on EVERY FW except 2.0 (coz i don't have it)

    It should work
    Attached Thumbnails [GUIDE] How to Upload BatteryThemes-picture-1.png  
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    2008-06-02 07:08 AM
  11. ohsobad_chevy's Avatar
    You dont need to upload it to that folder var/root/customize

    Use Cyberduck or any other SFTP software, and just drop your battery images files to

    This will work on EVERY FW except 2.0 (coz i don't have it)

    It should work
    I don't have a customize folder, so I was going to use this option. My question is, I have several different batteries that I would like to put on my iphone and be able to switch between them. How can I make this work using this method, or will I just be able to use one at a time?
    2008-06-08 07:57 PM
  12. yiujun's Avatar
    my problem is different.. ive uploaded all the pics (correctly named) to the customize folder in batteryimages in a named folder.. but it doesnt show up in customize
    2008-06-23 03:20 AM
  13. thesharkfactor's Avatar
    what app are you using to do this?
    2008-06-23 09:25 PM
  14. kasio48's Avatar
    There are lot of ways to ones problems and you can solve them easily one you have better suggestions ….like the ones above…keep going mate ;-)
    2008-07-02 12:09 PM
  15. kingmark305321's Avatar
    Nice tutorial. helped me alot thanks, good work
    2008-07-10 05:21 AM
  16. JuanKi's Avatar
    great tutorial!
    thanks a lot!
    I will be changind the batt theme soon!
    2008-08-28 05:58 PM
  17. MEDA24's Avatar
    I need help!! When i click var>>root>>library but theres no customize. I have customize installed on my iphone. What do i do???
    2008-09-16 12:04 AM
  18. hhakan93's Avatar
    ok.. i ve the same problem
    i havent any customize folder (
    2008-10-18 06:04 PM
  19. themagician8's Avatar
    Anyone know how to do this WITHOUT Customize or iPhoneBrowser...?

    NEITHER of these programs work for me.

    IphoneBrowser keeps crashing upon opening, and Customize keeps gettign some error message about "Files Not Found- Could not find therequired files to run offline. Go online & run Customize to update files."

    Apparently lots of folk are getting that and have posted for help on other message boards... but no one seems to have an answer.

    Does anyone know how to change the battery thing by some other method, like maybe SSH or something else?

    2008-10-26 10:06 PM
  20. thevmax's Avatar
    Sorry, but I can't get Iphonebrowser to run on my PC. It abends right after starting and asks if I want to send information to Microsoft. Running Vista build 6001 Ultimate.
    Iphone 8GB OS 3.0 BETA 5 Jailbroken
    2009-05-25 08:19 AM
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