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  1. holyindian's Avatar
    Customize does not work on the new firmware 3.0.
    Secondly customize folder is not there under the directory tree u mentioned, even after creating that folder and subfolders, and transferring the file correctly, I am unable to see any option wherein i can make this battery theme working.
    Downloaded Helix Battery theme from cydia.. it did work, was kind of disappointed, i thot this theme wud be animated... swirling or changing colors.. but nothing of that sort.
    I stil prefer the glowing battery theme that comes with iElegance Pro.
    2009-08-29 11:29 PM
  2. rtemplo's Avatar
    I have problems on my battery theme, helix, sphere and percentage not working on my glass color orb theme when I am charging my iPhone it's the default battery that is showing even I drag it all the way to the top on my winterboard glass orb theme whats wrong then? how can I edit those battery theme using my ifile on my iPhone?
    2010-03-07 04:24 PM
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