1. opusandbill's Avatar
    this is a calculator skin I am working on.
    1st gen phone on 2.0 firmware.

    this is only the portrait display.

    I still have the landscape part to do.

    I am having a problem with the % button when pressed.
    2008-07-23 06:41 PM
  2. tonhaarmans's Avatar
    And this is my version.
    Attached Thumbnails my new calculator-img_0003.png  
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    2008-08-02 02:24 AM
  3. danvicente's Avatar
    haha to each his own i personally like the stock calculator that on there
    17" MacBook Pro
    iPhone 3GS 16G 3.1 Jailbroken//AT&T
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    2008-08-02 05:35 AM
  4. NSXrebel's Avatar
    wow, I received an infraction point because I "insulted" someone by saying those skins were "fugly". There sure are some "thin skinned" people around here. I guess we're not allowed to have an opinion. It's not like I was talking trash to those to posters. Hey Mod,
    2008-08-02 11:35 PM
  5. DoerrFan's Avatar
    yes you did because you don't have to say they are fugly. I don't like them would suffice I think. And ive always said if you can't do better, I wouldn't insult it.
    2008-08-03 02:45 AM
  6. NSXrebel's Avatar
    wow, some people must have sand.. oh wait, better not insult anyone or i'll get another infraction. I don't like those skins, I really don't.
    2008-08-09 09:20 PM