1. georgc's Avatar
    Hello everyone I have a few questions. For the files that are included with Cydia do i need all of them for it to opperate? There are quite a few files that are included with Cydia. Also, is there anyway to see what files are currently running in the background? If so is there a way to stop unwanted precesses?
    2008-07-24 09:53 PM
  2. mfleigle's Avatar
    I have no clue. sorry. I remember someone once ask the question and someone replied you need all the packages already included in Cydia. I disagree with that, since I believe some of those are only for developers not for the basic user. Hopefully someone who actually knows will respond.
    2008-07-24 11:43 PM
  3. spnglrrr's Avatar
    Well I just jailbroke my iPod Touch last night and I was playing with Cydia. I erased a lot of the packages that came with it that didn't sound anything like I needed and it still runs properly so just be careful with what you delete.
    2008-07-25 02:37 PM