1. reddevilseye's Avatar
    u think ur ringtone is cool ???
    well lets share them upload them here so we all can use
    PS dont forget to let us know whats the format of the tone

    heres mine .m4r format use with iTunes 7.5 it will be added as a ringtone with 1.1.2 phones
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    2008-01-15 08:09 AM
  2. dominic56's Avatar
    Hey, you need to make the Tequila.rar ringtone playable on any computer... When I put it into itunes, it said my computer was not authorized to play it, then it brought up your apple id... FYI. good post, I don't know why people haven't added to it.. I would add to it, but I don't know how!
    2008-03-20 10:43 PM
  3. nhba74's Avatar
    This is a great idea!!!! Only problem I see with it is....what we just encountered.......authorizing others to use your ringtones.....dang iTunes/Apple!!!!!!!

    We should show them....making us pay for ringtones!!!

    BTW......there is a thread already circulating for "ringtone request" by E-Dragon......lots of ringtones there.

    But this is a great idea though!!!! Thanks for the post reddevilseye.
    Don't be shy, it's ok to hit that THANKS button.
    2008-03-20 11:07 PM
  4. jiggykilla's Avatar
    here is mine
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    My Arrival Was Imminent!
    2008-03-23 02:35 PM