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  1. Birke's Avatar

    I replaced the icon.png in /Applications/ but the icon won┤t change after a reboot.

    All other icons are I replaced are working fine.
    Any suggestions, why the weather icon won┤t change?

    Best wishes, Birke
    2008-07-25 05:42 AM
  2. dakomo's Avatar
    It works fine to me! File corruption maybe? Double check your .png if its viewable.

    Btw, did you manage to change the background behind icons? Please share! Thanks in advance!!
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    2008-07-25 09:30 AM
  3. Birke's Avatar
    It doesn┤t work for me.

    Tried over 10 different icons which works in other apps fine, but keep still the ugly sun icon. Made soft reset, hard reset, reboot ... But the icon from ist still the original.

    I deleted the icon.png in the now but it is still visible!
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    2008-07-25 04:22 PM
  4. icedx2's Avatar
    yah, worked for me just like any other icon, that sucks, maybe try changing permissions on it or something, it is def icon.png, as for using backgrounds, not until summerboard comes out or an equivlant to it. I hear it is very difficult to change the backgrounds manually, a trick though to adding backgrounds is what we used to do when the phone first came out. you can add a icon to the demo app and make it 320x480 and have cut outs for all the icons and put demo app in the bottom right corner and it will look like there is a background
    2008-07-25 04:45 PM