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  1. kitkat12012's Avatar
    this is my first time jailbreaking my itouch. i have 2.0 and used winpwn and also installed cydia

    then used cydia to install some apps like nes and bossprefs and openssh

    i heard that installer is way better than cydia, and a new installer is comming (4.0 i think)

    my question is, when that new installer comes, would i have to rejailbreak my itouch?

    i dont wanna put a lot of stuff on my itouch if i have to wipe them all out soon

    if i dont have to rejailbreak my itouch, would i have to remove cydia? and if i do, will that also remove the apps installed via cydia?

    2008-07-26 06:13 PM
  2. kami93's Avatar
    No. Not at all.

    Jail-Break means the operation that opens filesystem (maybe some kind of HFS) of iPhone or iPod Touch so that we can install 3rd party app.

    Installer is 3rd party app that helpes us to install another 3rd party app easily.
    Also, Cydia is.

    So when Installer 4.0 comes out, maybe somebody would uploade that into Cydia repo. Or if not, you can install it manually.

    Cydia and Installer don't cause anything to each other.
    2008-07-27 04:04 AM
  3. kitkat12012's Avatar
    wouldn't it cause problems if they both run side by side?

    what if i installed an app from cydia and it gets removed in installer?

    or what if i installed a dependency in cydia, then installer installs an app that's dependent on that, and cydia decides to upgrade/remove/edit that dependency?
    2008-07-27 07:06 PM