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    I updated the iphoneshop java to support the artwork files of firmware 2.00, this version supports all firmware versions from 1.0.2 to 2.0.0.
    Here is the jar program zipped:


    Unzip all files and folders and use the batch files Import/Export.bat to import/export your 2.0 artwork png files.

    And the original artwork files Rar Compressed:


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    hey thanks
    this works like a charm
    I have a red keyboard and dialer and custom red other.artwork now thanks massimo you da man

    I will upload custom artwork for all to share soon as I get on my pc

    Thanks again massimo

    below zips are all custom red artworks
    Attached Files
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    SkiHound ,,, Loves his Iphone,
    2008-08-01 05:32 PM
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    This is exactly the sort of great utilities we need, easy-to-use, cross platform support. Absolutely great.
    2008-08-01 07:47 PM
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    I guess this is for windows only?
    2008-08-01 08:27 PM
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    I guess this is for windows only?
    cross-platform=not just windoz
    2008-08-01 09:27 PM
  6. opusandbill's Avatar
    cross-platform=not just windoz
    ok, so what I doing wrong I can not seem to get it work on my mac.
    2008-08-01 09:45 PM
  7. skihound's Avatar
    how to do it,,,,oh Back up your Original stuff First Thing.....

    make a new folder ARTWORK and place all of Massimo23 stuff there then add your keyboard and mobilephone and other.artwork files.

    you now have a folder named ARTWORK
    with several folders (mobile,other,keyboard-common, etc)and iphoneshop and extract and import files and artwork files alll below the folders.

    just click first doubleclick the iphoneshop icon

    then click Extract,,,,,,

    black window opens hit any key

    you will see your stuff unzip they will be placed in each folder above.

    open those upper folders (other, mobile, etc)
    and you will see all your artwork just edit and change at will and save them back to their folder replacing the original files.

    496 other art files this will take you awhile...

    when done hit Import,,,,,

    inside each folder you will find your new .artwork file,,,,

    have fun below i have some pics posted if you want a red iPhone then download and unzip the files in my previous post this thread;;;;;
    Attached Thumbnails iPhoneShop 1.0 by Massimo23 full support 2.0-red-iphone2.0-008.png   iPhoneShop 1.0 by Massimo23 full support 2.0-red-iphone2.0-007.png   iPhoneShop 1.0 by Massimo23 full support 2.0-red-iphone2.0-005.png   iPhoneShop 1.0 by Massimo23 full support 2.0-red-iphone2.0-004.png   iPhoneShop 1.0 by Massimo23 full support 2.0-red-iphone2.0-003.png   iPhoneShop 1.0 by Massimo23 full support 2.0-red-iphone2.0-002.png   iPhoneShop 1.0 by Massimo23 full support 2.0-red-iphone2.0-001.png  
    SkiHound ,,, Loves his Iphone,
    2008-08-02 02:49 AM
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    lol i cant seem to get it working on windows, i put my edited other.artwork in the other file i try export, that does work, i try import that doesnt work either how do i do this?
    2008-08-02 03:09 AM
  9. massimo23's Avatar
    1) Put the original artwork files in the same folder where iphoneshop.jar,import.bat and export.bat are. It is not necessary to have all the artwork files, only those you need to edit.
    2) Extract all the png files from your artwork files, running the Extract.bat file.
    All the extracted images will appear in there respective folder, so the Keyboard-Latin images are in the folder "KeyLatin", Other.artwork in "Other", Keyboard-Common in "KeyCommon and so on.
    3) Once you have edited the png image files, you need to import them back into there respective artwork files. To do that just run the Import.bat file.
    The new edited artwork files will appear in there respective folder ( the original artwork files will not be overwritten) so if you want the edited Keyboard-Common.artwork file you will find it in the folder "KeyCommon".
    4) ALWAYS make backup of your original artwork files.
    5) SSh the artwork files into there respective folder on the iPhone/ Touch and respring
    6) Enjoy your work!!!

    Thanks skihound for your support, if you find any mistakes or problems please let me know .
    By the way great job with those artwork files.
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    when trying to run the export.bat on my mac, I get a message saying "There is no default application to open the document "Export.bat""
    2008-08-02 01:54 PM
  11. massimo23's Avatar
    Bat files only work on Windows.
    Any mac programmer that can write a script for mac to execute the jar file just like the bat windows version?
    I think Armadillo is going to release a new version of artworker for Mac.
    2008-08-02 04:42 PM
  12. amandwato's Avatar
    this is great, very ez to use thanks you so much!
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    2008-08-02 07:14 PM
  13. neurostar's Avatar
    thanks for updating.
    Could you add support for artwork files in /Library/TextInput/ ?
    When I tried, I got error saying " unsupported type"
    2008-08-13 02:07 AM
  14. neurostar's Avatar
    After I look into artwork file format more, I realize each artwork file has to be handle seperately.
    What I want to extract is the " /System/Library/TextInput/TextInput_ko.bundle/TextInput_ko.artwork". Please consider to update for it.
    Thanks in advance.
    2008-08-15 07:00 AM
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    thanks for all the help guys...this tool goes perfect for use with WinterBoard.
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    2008-08-16 11:32 PM
  16. marko111's Avatar
    does this work for 2.0.1 artwork? i cant even get it to run. when i hit export i get a message saying "java is not recognised as an internal or external command"
    2008-08-17 12:56 AM
  17. Reako's Avatar
    Update your Java...

    2008-08-17 01:53 AM
  18. PlatoTheForms's Avatar
    Update your Java...

    ^oh lol yeah thats his problem (the java)

    NEVERMIND THIS---------

    does this work for 2.0.1 artwork? i cant even get it to run. when i hit export i get a message saying "java is not recognised as an internal or external command"
    yeah I'm in 2.0.1 and its working fine.

    I just did what those guys say at the top.
    also make sure your .artwork file has a valid name for example. i wanted to extract "black dialer.artwork" it didnt let me, so i renamed it to "MobilePhonePackedImages.artwork"(thats the default name of the MobilePhone.app artwork, and it extracted to the "Mobile" folder in the iPhoneshop directory.
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  19. marko111's Avatar
    i have latest jave but still cant get past that error message

    i want to extract the japanese keyboard artwork, does anyone know how to ? they used to be in the same UIKitframework folder, but now all i can find is a foler called /system/library/textinput/ or something like that. i want the files for the japanese keyboard and i see a textinput_ja inside that folder and within that is a textinput_ja.artwork, but i dont know how to extract it.
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    2008-08-17 07:42 AM
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    this just doesnt work for mac... the developers need a way to integrate this into winterboard
    2008-08-17 08:34 AM
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