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  1. IanPR's Avatar
    I'm using this tutorial: TUTORIAL

    I am using the file 1,1 ipsw file.

    My device IS in DFU. Screen is blank, and its registering on my itunes.

    Im using iTunes 7.7 on an iPod 16GB Touch

    Error: (1)

    Can anyone give me a hand, or at least recommend something?
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    2008-07-29 07:57 AM
  2. That_Guy™'s Avatar
    I had to upgrade to 1.5 first. Then I used Shift-Restore to upgrade to unpwnd 2.0. Then go into DFU and Shift-Restore to the pwnd ipsw.

    I've got the 16G Touch also.
    2008-07-29 05:50 PM
  3. IanPR's Avatar
    Anyone have the 1.1.5 firmware download link?

    I could only find the 1.1.4 :/
    2008-07-29 06:16 PM
  4. shadowh511's Avatar
    my ipod is blank but no dfu
    2008-07-30 03:03 AM
  5. That_Guy™'s Avatar
    Anyone have the 1.1.5 firmware download link?

    I could only find the 1.1.4 :/
    Just go into itunes and hit the restore button. It will automatically upgrade you to 1.5
    2008-08-02 08:55 AM
  6. Jeckel's Avatar
    my ipod is blank but no dfu
    Then put it in DFU mode! It is quite improbable that you bricked your iPod as there really isn't any software that could mess with the hardware.
    2008-08-02 01:33 PM
  7. ravenfl's Avatar
    help need some help my 8 g ipod touch will not recognize itunes was using winpwn
    2.003 screen went blank and wont show anything..want to be able to restore to 1.14
    any sugestions ok do i need to remove itunes 7.7 and install 7.5 fw is 1.15
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    2008-08-21 05:13 PM
  8. Jeckel's Avatar
    If you want to go back to 1.1.4, then you need iTunes 7.5, but if you want to go to 2.0 or higher you don't need to uninstall iTunes 7.7.
    Have you held the power button for 10 seconds to see if it'll turn on? If not then put it into DFU mode:
    1. Hold power and home for 10 seconds, exactly
    2. Release power and keep holding home until detected by computer, then you should be able to restore.
    2008-08-21 06:48 PM

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