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    I want my icons to have a 2 icon gap in between the installer and the launcher apps. attached is the way that i want it. everytime that i try and do this, launcher and installer stay in the same place where terminal is and follow each other, then terminal. it seems like i cannot change the order no matter what. doesn't matter what i do to DisplayOrder.plist

    this is my plist : DisplayOrder.plist

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    2007-08-18 08:05 PM
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    Im sorry I cant help with your issue, but can you post the theme you are using? I would love to use this on my phone. Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Why dont you just create 2 blank icons and place them in between installer and launcher? Wouldnt that create the spacing you are looking for?
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    i would be happy to do that but i cannot move the installer and the launcher apps...

    it looks like this:
    2007-08-18 08:53 PM