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    I downloaded the WMP11 theme on Cydia and ran it through winterboard. It comes up, but for some reason there is this red line between the wallpaper and dock. The wallpaper (which i saw using SSH) has a blue line there. Also, before winterboard was updated to fix the wallpaper cutoff problem I cut the bottom of the wallpaper and saved that file as Dock.png, and then it came out fine. I tried doing this again but the red line just mixes in with the blue.

    Basically, does anyone know why there's a red line there and is there anyway I can fix it so it doesn't appear?
    Problem with WMP11 Theme-photo.jpg

    Problem with WMP11 Theme-photo1.jpg
    2008-08-04 07:37 AM
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    if anyone can help me that would be great!
    2008-08-04 09:01 PM