1. zinjen's Avatar
    So I find this quite funny... when I bought my 3G I was able to access to folders via iPhonebrowser with the latest version.

    After jailbreaking my phone it is unable to locate it even being plugged in via USB. Sounds like a similiar problem to what we saw after the zibri jailbreak method.. needing the extension to allow connectivity from Installer.

    Anyone able to get iPhonebrowser working with a jailbroken version of 2.0?

    - A side note... why is there no option to pick the default (stock) skin in winterboard? It seems once I install it I'm stuck with the theme provided by Saurik.
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    2008-08-04 09:26 PM
  2. 808mp5's Avatar
    you have to download the default theme from cydia...
    i haven't tried the new version of iphonebrowser but i know the old version works for me
    2008-08-04 09:40 PM