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    i need help!!! i dont want to rejailbreak 1.13 because it took me forever to get my phone working, so im hoping there ius another solution. when i was on 1.12 i used the iPink theme, and i liked it so i reinstalled it on 1.13 quickly... didnt read the part about :doont install on 1.13"

    well everything looks very weird now.. like and iphone on acid.. i was hoping someone had a solution.. i think i may... if the ipink package replaces the .pngs to a pink version, isnt it possible to rereplace them through iphonebrowser or SSH with the original stock files? i was hoping someone may have these files... or a different solution. problem is i have no idea on the 1.13 file system where these files are... but ifanyone can rip these off their phone and send them to me i would be a very grateful person..

    plus my girlfriends gonna kill me since the phone isnt pink anymore... at least make it not weird looking so she can use it.... please
    thanks in advance
    **[email protected]\/3**
    2008-01-26 11:43 PM