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    So after the upgrade to customize 1.21 and we were all able to change our vibrate settings, however after changing my settings, my phone no longer vibrates in silent mode, or for anything that it regularly would vibrate for. Whats worse is now when I go to change the vibrate settings in customize, the screen is blank after selecting vibrate settings. Does anyone know how I can fix this or if something may have been deleted with the customize upgrade. Any help would be awesome.

    Edit:To better describe it, my phone still vibrates when i receive phone calls, it just doesnt vibrate for anything else. Excuse the horrible explanation to start, I was on my iphone when i did it. The phone vibrates when i receive phone calls, however, doesnt when i receive texts, emails, switch from sound to silent, and plug it in. It wouldnt bother me, however, when my phone is on silent, its good to know when i receive texts. If any knows of anything that might fix this, that would be awesome, I strongly believe it is a software issue, specifically with customize, however, uninstalling customize and reinstalling does nothing. any help would be nice
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