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    I am using WinterBoard to theme the timmer app. I have this path: Library/Themes/alan3/Bundles/com.apple.mobiletimer.

    I have been able to change everything except the bottom bar on the world clock, alarm and stopwatch screens.

    Also the timer screen seems to be giving me trouble too.

    I would also like to change some of the text but am not sure how to do that.

    see photos:

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    I got everything the way I wanted except for 2 things.

    1. The bar at the bottom of all 4 pages, Have not been able to locate it yet.

    2. The bottom section of the timer screen, also can not locate it.

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    2008-08-07 05:54 PM
  2. Talynrider's Avatar
    The images for the bottom bar I believe are called from the one of the .artwork files. It's a global thing, I think. Have just started messing with these items...There are so many images in some of them I have no idea where they all show up. Sorry not much help but it maybe a places to start looking.
    2008-08-07 07:30 PM