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  1. D13H4rdNL's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I'm trying to build a custom ipsw for my iPod that currently runs 2.0.
    My problem is that winpwn doesn't recognize the iPod touch firmware: iPod1,1_2.0_5A345_Restore.ipsw allthough it states it does support 2.0:
    5-8-2008 2:17:59 - This is winpwn ver.: RC1
    5-8-2008 2:17:59 - Apple Mobile Device Support Version installed.
    5-8-2008 2:18:01 - 62 logos available online
    5-8-2008 2:18:01 - 0 custom payloads available online
    5-8-2008 2:18:09 - Unknown file: D***********\iPod1,1_2.0_5A345\iPod1,1_2.0_5A345 _Restore.ipsw

    Should I just use the iPhone one? Will that work?
    2008-08-07 08:15 PM
  2. pielover66's Avatar
    The firmware you have is the beta firmware. The correct firmware 2.0 for the ipod touch ends with 5A347, not 5A345. Don't use the iphone firmware!!!!
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    2008-08-07 09:21 PM