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    Alright so I am having some problems trying to figure out how this works...

    I know that you can apply custom batteries, sliders, calculator skins, and weather backgrounds through WinterBoard, but how do you go about doing that? What do you name the files in the certain bundle folder?

    The ones that I am confused about are the calculators skins and weather backgrounds. I'm fine with applying custom batteries and sliders, but what do you name the files, for example, in the and bundle folders for the images to work?

    And, what other things can be skinned this way?

    Oh, and btw, I've tried searching for stuff on this but I couldn't really find much (just people asking about how their icons or something don't show up).

    OR maybe, is there a theme that takes advantage of a lot of WinterBoard's capabilities? If so, maybe I could just look at the file structure of that...
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    you want this path: Library/Themes/(theme name)/Bundles/

    you will then place them in the folder.

    with the following file you can mod the keyboard and all files located in the other.artwork file.
    iPhone Forums at - iPhone | iPod Touch, news, apps, themes. - Downloads - 2.0 other.artwork files

    I posted a copy of my theme here:
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    this is what I have done with winterboard:
    made the fonts transparent
    change the color of the time on the header bar
    changed some of the appstore apps (yes they still work)
    replaced several files that are located in the other.artwork file
    started making a new keyboard
    added a wallpaper to the springboard

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    Oh, wow, thank you. This helps a lot. I was confused as to how the structuring was, but now I see it better.

    Thank you!
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    go to System/Library/CoreServices/

    you will use the names that are listed in the SpringBoard app

    EX: SBDockBG.png
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    Thanks again.
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